If you have an exciting beer event taking place, please let us know via londonbeerdiary [at] gmail [dot] com or londonbeerdiary on twitter.

We’re not going to promise to list everything, editor’s decision is final etc, but we’ll do our best.

We’re particularly looking for Tap Takeovers, Meet the Brewer events, Beer Festivals, Beer Talks, unique and exciting beers on your bar.

We’re defining “London” as within the M25 or on the Tube Map. There may be occasions when we make exceptions to this rule.

We’ll probably not list your standard pub quiz, gig, food night.

We’re not interested in invites, freebies, bribes, sponsorship and won’t accept them. It’s not you, it’s us! I blame punk and/or it’s all about ethics in beer journalism etc.

Because we are serial pub goers and beer drinkers we know quite a few landlords/brewers/bloggers/talkers, some of whom we would hope to count as friends. Sometimes we will mention this if it seems important or interesting but we’re not going to give copious “full disclosure” every week, primarily because it will look like showing off! If in doubt, assume we know everyone. If you think we’re purposefully ignoring you, send us an email and we’ll either apologise or tell you why. London beer is still barely big enough for cliques.


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