Beer Week 1 December

Well, I think that was a pretty successful first week! Thanks for all the follows, RTs mentions etcetc. As always tips and hints to londonbeerdiary [at] gmail [dot] com or londonbeerdiary on the twitters.

Possibly a bit ‘Ackney ‘eavy this week, sorry South London!

Stokie’s Jolly Butchers are having a Tap Takeover from Firebrand Beers, a Cornish brewer I have to admit to not knowing, but JBs rarely stock rubbish…

London’s most architecturally interesting CAMRA beer festival starts at the Round Chapel in Hackney. Always a good range on at Pig’s Ear and, who knows, maybe they’ll have UK beer on keg again like they did last year! Following on from London and Hackney bars in previous years, this year it’s a DARK BEER bar, right up my straße! £5 in per day, £3 for members.

More Pig’s Ear

Down at The Rake By The Horns have control of the taps for the evening.

Pig’s Ear is basically on all week.

Five Points are doing a tap takeover and home brew thing down at the Adam and Eve in Homerton. It’s got an L-shaped pool table you know?

Have found Pig’s Ear a bit busy of a Friday previously, but may well be there anyway!

Frankly it’ll be last knockings at Pig’s Ear come Saturday, but it is officially the last day…

At the Bottle Shop on Druid Street Weird Beard have a strong line-up including Sorachi Faceplant an Faceless Spreadsheet Ninja (I just type this, I don’t name the beers!).

Clerkshaws are part of the Southwark Christmas Cracker in East Dulwich with mulled beer and brewery tours.

The Water Poet down Spitalfields is having a Winter Fair including mulled beer and cheap Trumans, which is nice.

Hard as it may be to believe, it’s three years since Messers Watt & Dickie drove Super Furry Animals’ old tank down Camden High Street to publicise their first bar outside of Scotland. Hard because that seems like only yesterday, and yet Camden Brewdog feels like a veteran of the “scene”. They appear to be going for an Alice In Wonderland theme for their party (what is it with these young people and their dressing up?)

Clerkshaws are having a Christmas Party down at theirs with various local food providers too.


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