Beer Week 24 November

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first weekly update of London’s beer-related events. We hope it’s useful for you. If you’ve got any top tips (or are running your own events) please drop us a line via londonbeerdiary [at] gmail [dot] com, or londonbeerdiary on twitter.

In the future we’re looking to develop a calendar (probably not a million miles from this!) so you can see further into the future.

All links and publicity gratefully received, I’m basically just one bloke doing this!

Nothing it seems? Anyone?

Islington Bar & Kitchen are doing a beer and food matching event (fb link), £25. Not much info so far, so get in touch with them.

Opening tonight is Hop Burns Black, down Peckham/East Dulwich way, London’s first (perhaps the world’s first???) beer, hot sauce and record shop!

(Thanks Justin for the reminder)

Kernel are doing a Meet the Brewer / beer and cheese matching at Brewdog Shepherds Bush (fb link). £15, tickets from the link.

Friend of the show Matt Curtis is hosting a Darker Beers tasting at Dukes Head, Highgate, but it’s SOLD OUT already! Really enjoyed his last one, look out for future events.

Pete Brown hosts another of his Music and Beer matching events at The Wenlock Arms, Islington, £12. I did this at the Stokie Lit Fest in June and, even squeezed into an hour, it was great. You’ll never drink Duvel the same way again!

The Kings Arms E2 have got Mark Tranter and his friends from Burning Sky in for a Meet the Brewer and Tap Takeover, which should be a good evening.

London Brewers’ Market is back in Spitalfields (fb link), joined by Wine Carboot on Friday and 20 London brewers (brewer lists here)

Second day of London Beer Market sees them joined by the Indie Record Fair, always handy for picking up exciting new sounds when slightly tipsy… I’ve enjoyed my trips down to this in the past, but it can get pretty busy.

Up at Beavertown in Tottenham Hale, they’re having a launch for Rule of Thirds, their collab brew with Siren and Magic Rock, 2-8pm.

Bottle Shop down Druid Street is having an Orbit Beer (one of South London’s newer brewers who seem to be concentrating on German styles) Tap Takeover, they’re open 10-6.

Also, it’s Brewdog Shepherd’s Bush’s first birthday do, I understand there may be a piratical theme, check their tweets for more info.

(h/t Justin, Emma and Cellarman for those last three!)

Probably best that Sunday seems quiet after all that, especially with London’s most architecturally interesting beer festival just around the corner.


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